Things to Consider When You Buy Propecia and yet No Precription

Posted on October 29, 2017 in Hair Loss Treatment by

If you want tobuy Propecia without prescription, you can do so on online stores or pharmacies. Many online sites do not require prescription since they have many available medical professionals who can help you and gives thorough recommendation. Buy Propecia no prescription for the many reasons that it will save you time and energy in going to your doctor to have series of consultation.

However, before you buy Propecia no prescription, you must have an honest assessment of yourself if you do really have a problem on hair loss. This problem is called by doctors by the name androgenic alopecia or the most common name is male pattern baldness. Apparently, this type of problem does not require recommendation from doctors. Many can actually buy Propecia no prescription just as long as you have the hair loss problem.

To elaborate on the description of the hair loss problem, this is most common in the men population. The thinning of hair starts from the crown of the head and then frontal areas to the sides of the forehead. Many men who suffered from this dilemma are oftentimes withdrawn.

Propecia on the other hand, is the one product in the market today who offers miraculous wonders. It is the only product in treating hair loss which has the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration. Finasteride which is the main component of the drug is the key factor in the re-growth of the lost hair and the prevention of falling hair. Along with other essential components of the product, Propecia blocks the conversion of testosterone hormone in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the cause of hair fall. DHT prevents the normal growth of hair blocking the needed nutrients and eventually causing the patterned baldness among many men.

The medication is often prescribed to be taken once a day. One pill should be taken on the same hour of every day for a prescribed number of months. Water is needed to take the pill and it can be consumed without meals or on a full stomach. Which ever way you like it as long as you never miss a dose of Propecia. Once you missed a pill, never took double dose as they may cause complications. Continuous usage of the product is best recommended to experienced positive results. If you unexpectedly stop taking the product, reversal side effects is sure to happen.

Consequently, Propecia just like any medicine has side effects. The good thing is they are minimal and very uncommon. You may or may not experience sexual dysfunction, decreased amount of semen during ejaculation. Other side effects include rashes of the skin and swell of the face and lips but it will disappear after a short while.

But Propecia is not recommended for women. There is a different type of product specifically made for them. But Propecia should not be handled by the women. When a woman is pregnant or plans to have a baby, she should not get near the product.